About us

Mr. B's Fish and Shrimp has been a widely recognized name and one of South-East's favorite seafood spot for over 20 years.  Mr. B's Fish and Shrimp's family-owned business has not only established itself as a successful enterprise but has also laid a strong foundation for future generations. With unwavering determination and shared values, the family built a thriving business that provided stability and opportunities for all members involved. Their dedication and hard work paved the way for younger family members to expand the business further creating Mr. B's Fish and Shrimp On The Go and Mr. B's Fish and Shrimp On The Go DMV, fostering a sense of unity and entrepreneurship within the family. Through their shared vision and collaborative efforts, Mr. B's Fish and Shrimp's family has created a legacy that continues to inspire and empower each generation to build upon their achievements and explore new horizons in the business world.

Our mission is to bring fresh, high-quality food to the streets, while providing a unique and memorable experience for our customers.
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